Our Story – No Risk
Our Story


NoRisk emerged in 1996 as a pioneering brand in Portugal with inspirations from the workwear culture, merging with the European lifestyle and always maintaining the essence of durability, safety and style.

Born in Guimarães, Portugal, in the hands of the ICC group, with the aim of making the best and most durable work boot. With a strong belief in family values and a sense of tradition, its expansion from Guimarães to the world started to happen gradually. Today it serves all types of workers, whatever their challenge is.


NoRisk's product is created to work: whether at work, in the field or in everyday life, it caters for all genres and relies on comfort, fit and durability. It is a name that carries quality and a seal of dedication.

NoRisk boots are still made in Europe, with local materials and components. The technology and requirements of work environments has changed but NoRisk keeps up with the most modern boots without forgetting about the past.


Although the focus is on work, NoRisk does not neglect lifestyle and fashion, now creating a line called LIFESTYLE, inspired by models taken from the brand's archives.

The HERITAGE line keeps its look in the past - what was once a heavy-duty boot is now perfect in anyone's wardrobe. But even in the lifestyle lines, the durability remains: all in leather and with the Clima Cor System construction, a temperature regulation system. It is a strong boot that needs to be molded but that will become the ideal companion in any situation

Our Mission


In 2022, the quality behind each pair of boots remains the same. In over 25 years, the quality behind every pair of boots remains the same - NoRisk does not follow the world industry standard that tends to increase quantity at declining quality. It remains competitive by continuing with the same quality standards, adding a fashion and lifestyle component.