Clima Cork System – No Risk


CLIMA CORK SYSTEM (CCS) is an exclusive system that allows to create a natural environment for the feet. It’s a temperature regulation system, helps maintain an adequate temperature inside the shoe and favors the natural accommodation of the toes. It also contributes to the reduction of fatigue by benefiting the uniform distribution of weight.


With this system it is possible to preserve the cork trees aswell and to favour the production of an absolutely different professional footwear.

Cork is a material obtained from the bark of a tree, the Cork Oak, or more exactly from the outside layer of the trunk of the trees, from which is periodically removed without harming the tree, usually every 9–12 years (depending on the culture region).


Through the inclusion of an insulating layer of cork between the sole and the insole, CLIMA CORK SYSTEM regulates the heat and cold inside the footwear and gives extra comfort.
The cork allows the creation of a "footprint", that favours its adaptation to the shoe.

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